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Tobago Bay Calypso Band Steel Pan
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  • What type of music do you play?
    We play primarily Caribbean music (soca and calypso), but we include Latin, jazz, reggae, and also pop. We cover a variety of artists ranging from Harry Belafonte to Bob Marley to various pop artists. We are extremely versatile, and our sets generally have a combination of instrumental and vocal tunes. What type of event are YOU booking for? We will provide music for just the right vibe. Whether it's background music, party music, or for a grand reception, Tobago Bay is there for you!
  • How do I book the band?
    To book Tobago Bay, just go to our Contact page and fill out a little information for us. We'll get back to you within the day and help you through every step of the process! We'll even help you decide just right band configuration fit for your event! We'll talk to you soon!
  • How long will the band play?
    It really depends on the event and what YOU want. We are happy to perform for any length but our minimum is at least an hour. This length is generally preferred for wedding cocktail hours and provides an amazing setting for the pre-reception gathering. Most of our performances are 3-4 hours in length...but it's up to you!
  • Will the band learn a specific song to be played at our event?
    Absolutely! For special events, we will learn 1 additional song to make your event perfect for you! We require at least 1 month advanced notice to allow enough for an amazing performance! Please note, however, we do not take requests at the event.
  • Will the band require refreshments?
    It depends on the event. For shorter events, we won't require refreshments, but for long performances, we usually ask for a meal. Contact Us for more information.
  • Does the band have its own sound system?
    Yes! For medium to small events, the band will provide its own sound system. All we would require is enough space to set up and we'd need a standard power outlet. This way you are free to simply enjoy your event.
  • What size group should I pick?
    That all depends on your event and what your'e looking for. While all sizes of ensembles sound fantastic there are some event details you might want to consider. How much room will you have for entertainment? If the event space is fairly small, you may want to book a solo or trio. But if you have a large performance space, then the quartet or quintet will work great! This will also depend on what type of sound and vibe you want. If it's a quiet dinner party where you just want some Caribbean background music, then the solo or trio is your best bet. But an all out party or a featured performance event will definitely need a larger group. Click here to see the options!
  • What size space does the band need to perform?
    This all depends on the size of the band you pick. As you can imagine, the more space the band has, the better. This way they performers can give you the best possible experience. These are the minimumns: Solo: 6' x 8' Trio: 10' x 12' Full Band: 14' x 16' Contact Us with any questions!
  • What kind of breaks do you take during the performance?
    Our standard is to play for 1 hour, then take 15-minute breaks on the hours. During our breaks, we will provide background music that compliments our sound so the music won't stop unles you want it to! Here's an example of a 3-hour performance starting at 7:00pm... 7:00pm performance starts 8:00pm break 8:15pm peformance resumes 9:00pm break 9:15pm performance resumes 10:00pm finish
  • What do you guys wear when you perform?
    We typically wear tropical shirts and khaki or white shorts/pants. For more formal events, like weddings, we will wear attire appropriate for the event...all black or a sportcoat and slacks. It really depends on the formality of the event, and what you want. Contact Us to discuss what your thinking.
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